Five dishes that no stoner could resist in Kansas City



It's not a stretch to say there will be a lot of hungry Kansas Citians today of all days. It's 4/20, as Chief James Corwin notes on his blog, "a day of widespread marijuana usage." And so, in honor of the unofficial national stoners' holiday, here are the five dishes that no self-respecting pothead could resist.

5. Pork Tenderloin Sandwich -- Kitty's Cafe. It's crunchy, fried and satisfying -- and that's when you're just hungry. Add on some supercharged munchies, and it's more a question of how many you'll eat, rather than whether you'll end up at Kitty's.

4. Breakfast -- Simply Breakfast. With oversized biscuits, omelets and breakfast burritos, you won't leave this Westport spot so much as slowly roll away from the table. It's one of the few all-day breakfast joints in town -- don't sleep on the pancakes; they're plenty tasty. 

3. Mom's Mac and Cheese -- McCoy's. The large dollop of cheddar in the center of the macaroni shells is like a glowing beacon, especially on an overcast day. Get your heart and belly warmed by the oversized bowl of rich and creamy mac and cheese. 

2. Nacho -- Taco Via. Here, the counter guy is as likely to be celebrating the holiday as you. The nacho is a flat taco shell with melted cheddar and a bit of taco sauce (chopped jalapenos are optional). It's been the same since high school, and odds are, you'll still be hot-boxing on the way over. 

1. HiBoy Burger -- HiBoy Drive-In. Once you stop giggling, order a HiBoy at the classic Independence burger joint. The 1/4-pound burger with HiBoy sauce, pickle, onion, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Throw in some tots and a Coke, and you've got a fiesta to-go in the drive-through.

Any other stoner favorites in town? 

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