The five rookie mistakes that eaters and drinkers make at the ballpark


Keep an eye on Sluggerrr.
  • Keep an eye on Sluggerrr.

You probably didn't spend the offseason training for the big day. Now that you're faced with the challenge of thousands of other fans at Kauffman Stadium, who inexplicably want a fresh limeade at exactly the same moment (curse you, beautiful crown Jumbotron in center field), you might just choke.

And in the process, you'll upset the fine balance between gorging oneself and seeing as much of the game as possible. As such, Fat City gives you the five rookie mistakes that are made over and over at ballgames by hungry and thirsty fans.

5. Failing to tip the beer man on the first round. You want the beer man to remember where you sit and what you look like. The gesture of a tip goes a long way toward a beer whenever you want one.

4. Leaving your seat at the very end of an inning
. Those who wait for the last strike or out are doomed to miss a half-inning. You've either got to cheat and get up after the second out or take your lumps along with the rest of the folks in line. 

3. Ignoring the exact location of concession stands. Hot dogs, chewy pretzels and peanuts are everywhere at Kauffman. But when you start to get into the world of chicken fingers, you may find yourself wandering around the concourse more than you would like. You know what your kids or date are going to eat, so know where you have to go to get them.

2. Not buying a beer from the beer man immediately inside the gate. Nobody ever regrets buying an ice-cold beer seconds after entering the stadium. You can apply the same logic to a hot dog that you eat while you're on your way toward finding your seat.

1. Going too big, too early. While having a beer or a hot dog early is a good move, multiples are not. In addition to increasing the chance of your stomach threatening to explode during the course of the game, you're eliminating the possibility of making a mistake with chicken nachos in the sixth inning or a Stroud's cinnamon roll during the seventh-inning stretch.

What are the other novice mistakes you constantly witness in the cheap seats?

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