Michael Peterson leaves Hickok's Bar & Grill to open his own restaurant



Chef Michael Peterson created the menu at Hickok's Bar & Grill -- and moved on.
  • Chef Michael Peterson created the menu at Hickok's Bar & Grill -- and moved on.
A few weeks after The Pitch ran a positive review of chef Michael Peterson's menu at Hickok's Bar & Grill, the 44-year-old chef announced that he was leaving the stylish Southwest-style saloon in the River Market and was scouting locations for his own restaurant.

He might stay in the neighborhood, however.

Peterson tells Fat City that he had never committed to a long-term position at Hickok's Bar & Grill, owned by veteran restaurateur Forbes Cross.

"I was under contract for three months to do the menu, create the recipes, and to hire and train the kitchen staff," Peterson says. "Now that the contract is up, I'm in the process of looking for a location for my own restaurant."

Michael Peterson
  • Michael Peterson
Two of the locations that interest Peterson are in the River Market, just north of Hickok's. These include two vacant venues that we touted in Fat City just two weeks ago: the space in the old Gillis Building formerly occupied by the River Market Brewing Company and, catty-corner to this, the first level of the former Merchant's Bank building, once occupied by the Hong Vuong Market.

"I'm excited for Michael," says Forbes Cross. "He did a great job for us and I welcome new restaurants opening in this neighborhood -- it's good for the entire River Market area."

Peterson's concept for his new restaurant will be a sophisticated cafe catering to the downtown lunch crowd in the afternoon and offering an upscale but accessible bistro menu during the evenings.

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