Why are the windows boarded up at Thirsty's Cantina?


Who smashed the windows of Thirsty's Cantina?
  • Who smashed the windows of Thirsty's Cantina?

A couple of nights ago, I noticed that several large windows facing Walnut Street at Thirsty's Cantina in the River Market were boarded up with plywood. If you didn't know that the restaurant and saloon wasn't closed -- and it isn't -- you might think it was.

A Fat City reader also wanted to know what was behind the boarded-up windows. "I heard they were smashed," she wrote, "by a disgruntled employee."

"They got smashed out a couple of weeks ago," said the woman who answered the phone at Thirsty's. "But the new windows should be in on Friday." Before I could ask about the "disgruntled employee," she slammed down the receiver. Owner R.J. Samuels was unavailable for comment.

The police report, filed at 9:18 a.m. Friday, January 28, states that the building's owner, James Sawyer, had arrived at the venue, located at 529 Walnut, at 9 a.m. and found five broken windows. The restaurant had apparently not been robbed, and no "foreign objects were found on the inside of the business" to indicate what had been used to break the glass. The investigating officer learned that the business had "non-working cameras and alarm system" at the time of the occurrence and that exterior cameras from neighboring businesses yielded "negative results."

Surely it couldn't have been a customer at Thirsty's that got worked up enough to break out so many windows on a cold January morning. No one could get that passionate about the food served there. The service, I understand, runs the gamut from friendly to rude.

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