Come on now, what are the best sushi restaurants in town?


Share some sushi at Edokko in Lenexa
  • Share some sushi at Edokko in Lenexa

Fat City reader Reg Robertson of Overland Park wrote to ask this: "What, in your opinion, are the three best sushi restaurants in Kansas City?"

Well, Reg, I like sushi well enough, but I'll confess that I probably lack the true passion for the dish that many of our Fat City readers have for truly glorious sushi. We'll let them weigh in here.

In the meantime, I can list a few places I like to go for a sushi fix.

I wish Kansas City had a "revolving sushi" restaurant like Japan's highly successful Kura restaurant chain, which uses sushi-making robots and conveyor belts, if only for the economy of the product, which is extremely inexpensive.

But for a more hands-on and personal sushi experience, there's Lenexa's Edokko Restaurant, which has the benefit -- in case you're dining with friends who simply won't eat raw fish under any circumstances -- of also serving noodle dishes and Japanese steakhouse fare without the teppan-yaki grills (and all the tired jokes and flying shrimp).

Jun's may be the oldest sushi restaurant in the city and has a devoted following, but it's not so attractive inside. Not like Domo in Brookside, which may be the coziest sushi venue in the metro. For the best people-watching (occasionally a visiting celebrity stumbles in) while nibbling on a Caterpillar Roll or a bowl of Shabu Shabu is the venerable Kabuki in Crown Center.

All right, Fat City -- it's your turn.

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