The future of fast food is pad Thai in wraps


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Just imagine the plate is a wrap.
  • Just imagine the plate is a wrap.

I thought that pizza in a cone was the future of fast food back in 2008. And that is why I'm not meant to own a franchise any time soon.

But Asian street food is going to be huge in 2011. Trust me. If the Udon Project is right, get ready to start scarfing down pad Thai in rice paper wraps. The winners of an online competition to reinvent fast food are taking pad Thai to the drive-through.

The team -- which consists of three 24-year-olds from San Francisco -- designed a restaurant concept named the Spoke, which would have a signature noodle wrap and then use suggestions from the community to flesh out its menu. Customers would be able to vote for new additions to the menu and their recipes would appear on the packaging if selected. As the winner of Yoxi's competition, the Udon Project received $5,000, toward turning their idea into an actual restaurant.

Their concept sounds promising. All menu items would be under $5. A pad Thai wrap would be a welcome break from a two-handed burrito and inexpensive Thai food is certainly missing from Kansas City.

The other finalist was the Beet Squad, which wanted restaurants to add one healthy item to a menu for a day in a mashup of Groupon and the locavore movement.

So are pad Thai wraps your dream fast food, or would you go for another concept?

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