Behold the McRushmore: A monument to McDonald's and its animal kingdom


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Four sandwiches enter, no sandwiches leave.
  • Four sandwiches enter, no sandwiches leave.

With NASA being dismantled, humanity is apparently searching for other ways to challenge his tolerance for extreme conditions and the unknown.

The good folks at the Stew have pulled together the four members of the animal kingdom that currently grace McDonald's menu and come up with a mouth-stretching sandwich dubbed the Mt. Rushmore. It will likely not be immortalized in stone, but it could be what killed Lincoln.

This is the McRushmore; bite into it at your own risk.
  • This is the McRushmore; bite into it at your own risk.

The man-made tower of animal product combines the Southern Chicken Sandwich with the Angus Third-Pounder. Those two are topped with a Filet-o-Fish and a McRib. Although photographic evidence suggests all of those flavors can be sampled in one bite, there is the danger that your mouth might stay locked in that position.
But when it's shot beautifully? Yeah, I kinda want one. It's the Old Country Buffet Corollary. Nobody can do Mexican, Chinese, Italian and Swedish. But sometimes when you're presented with all of the wrong choices together, you give in to the glorious failure. And that is how bets arise, children. It's simply a monied version of "This tastes gross. Try it."  

I don't know which is sadder -- that we continue to push the boundaries of good sandwich taste mercilessly or that I could see McDonald's being inspired by the Stew's blog post to introduce a mega-sandwich promotion that allows you to customize your meal with any number of meat or fish patties. Here's to the year of the stuffed burger. May you make us eat just one additional meat at a time. 

[Images via Kevin Pang, The Stew]


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