America should prepare for stuffed burgers in 2011


Burgers are made to be filled with cheese.
  • Burgers are made to be filled with cheese.

Cheeseburgers have always been a bit backward. Because once you put a slice of cheese inside your hamburger patty, you'll wonder why you ever thought it made sense to put the cheese on top at the last minute.

BurgerBusiness believes that that nationwide rollout of Burger King's Jalapeno Cheddar Stuffed XT Burger could be responsible for a burger paradigm shift in 2011. And all I can think to say is: What took so long?

Stuffed burgers are like deep-dish pizza: At some point you might have to take it down with a knife and fork. Both are typically oozing with pockets of hot cheese and when done right, have you well on your way to your daily recommended caloric intake. It's why we picked stuffed cheeseburgers as part of our top 10 foods to eat while watching the game. Food Mayhem has a solid step-by-step guide to making stuffed burgers.

Arguably the most famous stuffed burger is the Juicy Lucy from Minneapolis -- a hamburger with a molten cheese core. The Juicy Lucy is available locally at BRGR, made the proper way -- with American cheese. Great burgers don't just have to be stuffed with cheese. At Blanc Burgers + Bottles, the $100 Burger is stuffed with braised short ribs, and its meat-tastic.

Cheese slices on top of burgers had a great run; now it's time for the meat pinata to shine.

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