Writer, clown, cookie baker Andre du Broc headlines Writers Place benefit


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The last time that the Pitch met up with Hallmark editor Andre du Broc was in September, when the former clown was in front of the Sprint Center, protesting the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

This Saturday, du Broc will make another public appearance -- without protesting -- as the featured artist at a fund-raising benefit for The Writers Place (3607 Pennsylvania). The subject will be cookies.

In March, du Broc issued a challenge to his Facebook friends. If he could raise $3000 in pledges for the 2010 AIDSWalk, he would bake every single cookie recipe in Martha Stewart's 2008 cookbook, Martha Stewart's Cookies.

"Since I had seen the movie Julie & Julia, I also promised to write a blog about each cookie that I baked," said du Broc.

The response to the challenge was better than du Broc had hoped. He actually raised $4500 for AIDSWalk. And then he started baking. Seven months later, du Broc has baked nearly half of the 175 cookie recipes in the book. And he diligently updates his blog, Too Many Cookies. Since writing a blog exclusively about cookies sounded creatively limiting, du Broc decided to use the blog as a forum for stories: "Stories about my life or things that have happened to me."

He'll read some of those stories on Saturday night during the Writers Place benefit, which will be presented at the historic Valentine neighborhood home that serves as the organization's headquarters at the corner of Pennsylvania and Valentine Road. The benefit begins at 4 p.m.-- with an opportunity to view the 170 silent auction items -- and continues through the evening with food, beverages, a tea demonstration by Stacie Robertson of the Tea Market and music by the City Cow Orchestra.

After baking 81 batches of sweets (his favorites, so far, has been the chocolate malted sandwich cookie), isn't du Broc sick of cookies?

"Yes," he said, "but I bring them to work, my partner takes them to work, I give them to friends, I give them as gifts. People now seem to expect me to bring cookies everywhere I go."

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