The five foods that would help you fend off a zombie attack


Food can save you from being his food.
  • Food can save you from being his food.

Whether you believe in zombies or not, it never hurts to consider what you might do in a situation where the undead are suddenly in your living room. And with the huge push around AMC's new show, The Walking Dead, it's hard not to think about that possibility.

As such, Fat City wants to make sure our readers (and everyone else for that matter) is equipped to handle a zombie attack. So we've put together a list of the five foods that would help you fend off those seeking to eat your brain.

5. Potato Gun -- Not all of us are gun owners, but all of us have the potential to be potato gun owners. A spud traveling at a high rate of speed could knock a zombie down a few pegs. 

4. Gobstoppers -- Zombies are not coordinated. They tend to move in a linear fashion. If anyone was going to fall for the cartoon trap of Gobstoppers on the floor, it's brain-eaters.

3. Decoy Meat -- Call it zombie chum. But well-placed hunks of fresh meat could lead zombies on a wild brains chase that would give you a bit of time to get away. On the down side, it may also attract more zombies to you.

2. Canned Goods -- Zombies somehow always lead to the failure of the power grid. So you'll need canned goods just to survive. But in a pinch, an oversized can of Hawaiian Punch could provide a world of hurt. 

1. Bottled Beer -- In order to deal with the dead coming back to life, I imagine a lot of beer would be necessary. Put the empties to good use and discover why a broken bottle is the favorite weapon of movie bar fights.  

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