Chipotle makes annual Halloween appeal to sad people who value cheap burritos over cool costumes


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I am a nugget. Do you have a problem with that?
  • I am a nugget. Do you have a problem with that?

In years past, you could score a free burrito on Halloween from Chipotle if you came in dressed like a burrito. Sadly, the free burrito train has stopped. This year you can instead get a burrito, bowl, salad or tacos for $2 after 6 p.m. -- if you dress up as a "horrifying processed food product."

This is not all bad -- the $2 goes to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, "a national movement to save America's health by changing the way America eats," with Chipotle donating up to $1 million from the Boorito 2010 promotion. Still, the beauty of dressing up like a burrito was that all you had to do was slap on a little foil. If you and a couple of friends went in on a roll together, that would bring your cost down even more.

The challenge now is how to dress like scary processed food for around $4 to keep from going in the hole, about the difference between the $2 you'll be paying and the price of a full-cost burrito. The chicken nugget outfit Jamie Oliver sports in the Boorito 2010 video doesn't look cheap. Plus, I keep wanting him to sing, "Bring it on down to Nuggetville!"

This is all a moot point if you're going to enter the Boorito costume contest and you think you've got a fairly good shot at winning the $2,500 grand prize. Or you could try wrapping yourself in foil anyway and say you come from a less healthy place that also wraps their food like that. It's not like Chipotle owns the trademark on foil.

But look, just saying: A chicken nugget isn't that scary. Unless maybe it's trying to eat YOU. OK, that sounds a little freaky.

So, processed foods: bad. Portion control: hey, not so fast. If Chipotle is this into Oliver's Food Revolution, you'd think the chain might also start coming around to the idea of a smaller burrito. One of the regular behemoths can come pretty close to 1,000 calories, depending on how big a dollop of sour cream you get.

I'm not saying take the big burrito away, but give us a choice. For those of us who love the tortilla, compromising and getting the bowl is a decision made with much reluctance. And I can't help but feeling like a sucker when I pay you not to give me a tortilla.

The time has come, Chipotle. There's not always someone around to split a burrito with, and you're not at your best reheated.


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