Pumpple cake corners the dessert market


Turducken, meet your dessert counterpart
  • Turducken, meet your dessert counterpart

For those of us crippled by having to decide between pumpkin pie and apple pie, there's a new dessert on the table. The Flying Monkey, in Philadelphia, is now serving "pumpple cake."

Each slice has a piece of pumpkin pie and a piece of apple pie, baked into a vanilla-and-chocolate cake. Each cake takes more than two days to create, and each slice will serve up to four diners.

The cake was featured on The Today Show this morning, where Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb gave the 1,800-calorie slice a try.

Each slice costs $8 dollars, but if you feel like bringing this monster to your next dinner party, you can get a whole cake for $75.

Enterprising Kansas City pastry chefs, where's your response?

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