Cheesecake Factory tops 'worst foods' list


There's a good chance you'll gain weight just looking at this.
  • There's a good chance you'll gain weight just looking at this.

Eat This, Not That, the Men's Health diet blog, released its list of the 20 worst foods of 2011 last week. It might as well have been called "Don't Go to the Cheesecake Factory."

The restaurant chain has three spots on the list, including the honor of worst food in America: its bistro shrimp pasta, which comes in at 2,727 calories.'s a relatively healthy-sounding plate of shrimp pasta that wears the tainted crown, delivering to your bloodstream more saturated fat than you'd find in three packages of Oscar Mayer Center Cut Bacon and as many carbs as you'd slurp down from 1½ cases of Amstel Light. Gross.

Also reminding us that just because something sounds healthy doesn't mean it is: the list's worst "healthy" sandwich, the "special vegetarian" from Blimpie's, which clocks in at 1,180 calories.

You don't scare me.
  • You don't scare me.
Then again, it has crushed Doritos on it, which should probably be a clue that it's not all that good for you. What's truly diabolical is when food seems like it ought to be fine but isn't. I'm looking at you, Panera Bread. (Thanks for the warning, Hot Blog on a Stick.)

Meanwhile? Hello, Wendy's triple baconator. I'm pretty sure this photo is supposed to make you look disgusting, but I think it somehow makes you look even more delicious. I don't care if you are the worst fast-food burger -- you may have to be lunch tomorrow. Surely I should be able to burn through your 1,350 calories If I blog extra hard.

[Images via Eat This, Not That]

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