Give your lungs a break and drink your drugs



Pick your poison.
  • Pick your poison.
Pick your poison.
By now most people know that it's not just burn-out teenagers who enjoy a little THC-induced high. But some of us still don't like constantly smelling like we just left a 311 concert. If you're one of the half-million Americans rocking a medical marijuana card, there's a new way to reach your high. Colorado-based Dixie Elixirs & Medibles has created THC-laced soda in eight flavors.

The company's website encourages you to try the drink with any other

form of marijuana, but assures us that the drinks are just as tasty on

their own. If you're looking to get high in a hurry, try the extra-strength watermelon or spearmint shots. They come in 1-ounce servings, perfect for the stoner on the go.

The drink is available only in those states that have medical marijuana laws on the books. But if the pending California recreational-use law passes, this drink might be what tips your next vacation in favor of the Golden State.

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