Grapples (hopefully) the market's only grape-flavored apple


Grape Ape no longer seems so ridiculous.
  • Grape Ape no longer seems so ridiculous.

We need to stop messing with produce. It is not our final food

frontier. It's the staple that's supposed to balance out all of the

other things we put in our body.

But Grapples

(pronounced grape-ulls) are testing those boundaries by changing the

taste of apples. The produce section is getting a makeover, and I'm

worried that we're about to lose our dietary center.

Grapples (available at Sun Fresh)

are a patent-pending product -- apples that have been infused with Concord grape flavor. But don't worry, kids, "a relaxing bath process

prepares our apples." Grapples aren't genetically modified but are

considered a processed food by the Washington Department of


At least the clamshell packaging prevents

them from getting into the wild apple population and running amok.

I appreciate that, in an era of changing colors (red celery,

anyone?) and endless flavor combinations, apples are fairly staid.

But I don't need to add a bit of excitement to my palate when it comes

to produce. Unadulterated fruit is what gets me through long travel

days and moments of low blood sugar. I know exactly how an apple or

banana is going to make me feel afterward. I'm not certain what's

going to happen with that airport chili.

We have to accept

that some changes in our diet are needed as a nation and stop trying to

change the food. Apples and celery don't need a makeover. We do.

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