No. 5: Cheese pizza from d'Bronx


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What else does this need? Not a thing.
  • What else does this need? Not a thing.
What else does this need? Not a thing.

To whet your appetite for
The Pitch's annual Best of Kansas City issue, we're counting down our favorite Top 50 dishes each weekday until October 7.

A pizza place is only as good as its cheese pie. What you want: ample red sauce with more spice than sugar, sloppy cheese that bubbles toward the edge, and a crust crisp enough to drown out conversation but with chewy give at the center. D'Bronx supplies these basic elements so expertly that you might take its pizza for granted or -- out of habit formed by chains and delivery coupons and all-around bad living -- lard your pie with ... stuff. Cut it out. A 16-inch cheese pizza at d'Bronx costs less than $15 and cures all ills, from pepperoni to night terrors.

It isn't that d'Bronx's menu lacks the usual toppings. The place serves a mean deli sandwich, so plenty of people find themselves happily addicted to the meat on its pizzas. But if you've forgotten what pizza is supposed to look like and how it's supposed to taste -- if you think a cheese pizza is a plain pizza -- this is the path to enlightenment. Bonus: Leftover d'Bronx crusts make a fine Sunday morning hair-of-the-dog breakfast.

The original location, at 3904 Bell, remains the most inviting of the three d'Bronxes. To imagine 39th Street without it is to invite a sad little

headache. One more thing that big cheese pizza can fix right up for you.

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No. 27: Spring rolls from Vietnam Cafe 

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No. 25: Classic Cookie's herbed-potato-and-sausage casserole

No 24: Farmer greens salad at The Farmhouse

No. 23: Egg salad sandwich from You Say Tomato

No. 22: Waldorf Salad from Bloomsbury Bistro

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No. 14: Onion rings from Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue

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No. 11: Steakburger, Fifty-Fifty and a special chocolate frosty from Winstead's

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No. 9:: Ice cream-and-cookie sandwich from Murray's

No. 8: Autumn Cookies from Chacko's Eatery

No. 7: Crab cakes from Cafe Sebastienne

No. 6: The Matterhorn from Andre's Confiserie Suisse


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