Those who drank Jell-O shots in college can now graduate to wobbly wine


Jell-O can still have a place at your parties.
  • Jell-O can still have a place at your parties.

Jell-O shots sadly get left behind in college, along with punch bowls of indeterminate alcohol strength and knocking on the wrong doors in search of your bed. Perhaps there is a causal connection among all three. 

Occasionally Jell-O shots get trotted out for a retro party, but they're a novelty, like a fruit beer or cake shaped like a football field. But wobbly wine? Wine-flavored gelatin sounds like a concept you could sell to the missus.

I have to tip my beer can hat to Pete Wells of The New York Times. He's managed to innovate in a space that was requiring a bit of updating. Wells can let me tap into that nostalgia for the halcyon days of college with a semi-solid cocktail worthy of a lowball glass. His recipe for wobbly wine combines rose wine with gelatin, sugar, cinnamon, orange zest, pepper, lemon juice and white peach slices. Wells writes:

Just looking at it can drop the temperature of a summer night by a few degrees, and a quarter of an hour later we find, to our delight, that we've each got a glass of wine roaming around our bloodstreams.
For Wells, this is about taking something from his childhood and producing a refined, alcoholic version. For me, the idea of wobbly wine is about escaping the realities of post-college life, one quivery spoonful at a time.

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