Treehouse Berry Farm salsa: Time for a dip



Tomatoes have it good right now. It's early in the season, everybody's neighbors and farmer's markets aren't yet inundated, and it's been just long enough since last season to miss a ripe, juicy tomato.

Treehouse Berry Farm is ending the drought. The Linwood, Kansas, berry farm is mostly known for jams, chutneys and fruit butter, but it also make a fresh salsa that's full of chunky cuts of tomato. And it's back on the shelves.

With just 10 ingredients (listed in the picture), the tomatoes are the star of the show, alternately enhanced by cilantro, onion and garlic. It helps to turn the salsa over with a spatula to redistribute the lemon juice and vinegar, which had settled a bit in the plastic container.


I liked this salsa, but it was better as a component of a dish. I think it's actually closer to pico de gallo than salsa, which might be why it worked well in guacamole -- the jalapeno and tomato were a good balance to the avocado. The sweetness of the tomatoes was also a nice compliment in chicken tacos with some fresh, spicy radishes. 

The salsa is available at both Whole Foods stores in Overland Park, at the Overland Park Farmer's Market and in Lawrence.

At the Whole Foods on 91st and Metcalf, it's currently on sale for $2.50 (it's regularly $4.99). You'd have a hard time finding fresh salsa for less; the sale lasts until June 1.

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