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When Lindsay Laricks files her tax returns next year, she'll get to write "snow cone vendor" under occupation. She left her job as a graphic designer in January to concentrate on Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones, the frozen creations she sells from her restored Shasta teardop trailer.

To turn her operation mobile, Laricks hired C&G Construction to make the 13-by-8-foot trailer into a rolling snow cone distribution center. But retrofitting a 1957 trailer is a lot harder than buying a prefabricated pushcart. Laricks came up $6,300 short, even after cashing in her 401(k) and using her personal savings.

That's when she discovered Kickstarter -- an online fundraising site where business and artistic ventures seek contributions for specific projects. Like rehabbing a Shasta trailer. 

"It's amazing that people in other cities have popped up to show support for my project because they love what I'm doing," Laricks tells Fat City.

To date, 110 backers have pledged $2,911. But Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal -- either the project is entirely funded or it's back to the drawing board for Laricks. She has 26 days to go to reach her goal of $6,300.
"It's been a bit of a roller-coaster," she says. "I'm just finding ways to keep the momentum going and hoping things pick up in the last few weeks."


This season, Fresher Than Fresh will be open on Sundays (Laricks has booked a slate of private parties and events on Saturdays) in the garden at the corner of 17th and Summit. She'll be there from noon to 7 p.m. -- but she tends to sell out, so it's worth getting to the trailer by midafternoon.

She has also created a line of merchandise from cartoons she drew to represent each flavor. So far she's selling FTF pins and T-shirts, and she's also considering tote bags. 

Fresher Than Fresh originally opened for the season on First Friday in May, when she debuted her first new daredevil special: plantain and creme caramel. These daredevil specials are wild flavor combinations that require a taster to be a bit daring. One, pineapple serrano pepper, is now a regular menu item. 

As for new flavors? Carrots, beets and possibly tomatillos are among the contenders.

"I've got some great combination flavor ideas," she says. "My tank is full."

[Images courtesy of Lindsay Laricks]

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