Fried vegetables!



Fried green beans are good for you, right?
French fries are great, but the hot trend is for non-spud fried vegetables. Fried green beans are popping up on menus everywhere: I'm not sure if they're actually healthier than french fries or onion rings, but for anyone whose nagging mother insisted that green beans -- usually the canned variety -- were so good for you, it's nice to imagine that they are.

Here's our list of the Top Five fried veggies in town:


5. Deep-fried okra at Lutfi's Fried Fish. They're especially good with a fried fish sandwich.

4. Fried green tomatoes at The Webster House Restaurant. The Southern classic is all gussied up here but still delicious.

3. Fried eggplant pockets at Blue Koi. The lightly fried eggplant is filled with a vegan stuffing and served with raw garlic sauce.

2. Fried artichoke hearts at Anthony's Restaurant & Lounge. You'll never want to eat artichoke hearts any other way.

1. Fried Green Beans at the Majestic Restaurant.They're served with a soothing avocado ranch dressing. And although rice isn't a vegetable, this downtown venue also serves deep-fried risotto balls with a nice spicy ragu!


(Image via Flickr: Tammy Green)

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