Fat waiters make diners think twice -- fact, not judgment



I'll take the skinny servers, please...
Even if I wanted to wait tables again -- and I don't think I could hack it anymore -- I suspect I'm now a little too chubby for that demanding profession. And even though I've been chided by Pitch readers for preferring "young, hot servers" (see the comment in response to this review), I mean, who doesn't?

A recent article on the ukmedix news blog titled "The Weight of Your Waiter Will Effect How Much You Eat" puts everything in perspective. A new study shows that "normal weight individuals who were not looking out for their diet were more likely to eat healthily when they saw the overweight waiting staff." It's this subconscious thing, you see: When an overweight waiter or waitress is taking your order, the shock of the server's girth motivates a restaurant patron to order a salad instead of the double cheeseburger.

I'm not sure that the concept has ever worked for me, but then again, the "young, hot servers" can make any patron forget that a double cheeseburger isn't healthy. I did notice that at a new gourmet burger joint in Johnson County, all the waiters and waitresses are willowy and thin.

I think I've stumbled on a sneaky new trend. Hey, cancel that order of truffle fries, will you?

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