Things We Hate: $5 foot-long song



I concede. You win, Subway. If this requires some offering on my part in $5 increments, just let me know and I'll do it.

But the $5 Foot Long jingle needs to end. It was catchy in 2008. It was parodied to death by 2009. And here in 2010 -- it is slowly ending rational thought. 

Quiznos was good enough to let its "We Love The Subs" rodents come and go, understanding that some jingles are just all that and a bag of chips. You need to think of the greater good here, Subway, and be a responsible corporate entity. It's time for Mr. Goodcents or Jimmy Johns to come up with a devastating ode to sliced meats. 

In the Internet age, a three-year advertising campaign is an eternity; don't you want to "eat fresh," Subway? This is me waving my white napkin -- so please, please stop the ads.

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