Tea-time cocktails



As tea gets trendy, it only makes sense that it would form the base for a new breed of cocktail. A monthly Internet meme -- Mixology Monday -- focused on tea as the central ingredient and sent out the call for cocktails. What follows are some of the tastiest-sounding entries collected at The Cocktail Virgin Slut.

I tried to focus on those that used what's in season and might require you to purchase only a few ingredients. The O-T cocktail is a great example of that -- vodka, simple syrup, blood orange and gingered tea syrup.

Green tea is touted as a replacement for coffee and a stress reducer. If you're not sold on the taste or feel it needs a boost, these two cocktails might be bring you around. The Green Tea Gimlet combines vodka, fresh lemon juice and green tea syrup (water, sugar and a green tea bag). That's simple. If you want exotic, the Pomegranate Princess should fit the bill -- Junipero gin, pomegranate green tea, grenadine, lime and Peychaud's bitters.

Red tea lovers might want to check out this spirited version of a Red Zinger made with the Celestial Seasons classic flavor. It's light rum, Red Zinger herbal tea, lemon juice and passionfruit syrup. If you're more of a Rooibos drinker, you'll also need rum for the Serendipitea (Rooibos vanilla tea, golden rum, Tuaca, Triple Sec and an orange twist). 

Tea-inspired cocktails are not all hot new trends. Boston Grog dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and is as much a curative as a drink. It's also perfect for winter because it's served hot. The Cocktail Virgin Slut's recipe calls for brandy, Jamaica rum, orange pekoe tea, lemon juice and sugar.

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