This week's "Best of Fat City"



Today is the feast day of St. Vincent Tournante, the patron saint of wine growers and vinegar makers. You might raise a glass of vino in his honor -- he died a ghastly death back the year 304 -- while you read Jonathan Bender's news about wine tastings and classes in Fat City. If you prefer beer to wine, there's this news about Belgian beers.

If you've ever been to Brussels, you know that the chocolate desserts served in the little cafes and pastry shops are wonderful, although Kansas City has more than its share of sensational chocolate sweets, including these Top Five.

Falafel, those tasty chickpea-batter croquettes made not one, but two appearances in Fat City this week: in a taste of the dish at the Olive Cafe and an announcement about next month's "Free Falafel Night," courtesy of Yummy's Choice and chef Kamal.

The news about Bo Ling's being voted #2 Chinese restaurant in America garnered a veritable rangoon of responses. And a local culinary mystery about a long-forgotten Italian restaurant posed to us by an out-of-town Fat City reader has yet to be solved. And on the subject of Italian food, what about this battle of Italian sandwiches?

And yes, there is a patron saint of sandwiches. He's St. Honore, but his feast day isn't until May 16.

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