You could be the next big reality television chef



If you've never worked in the restaurant industry but always thought you could make it as a chef -- you could be on television. Producers are casting Gordon Ramsay's new show, MasterChef, and one of the open casting calls is at The Culinary Center of Kansas City on Sunday, January 17, from 12 to 5 p.m.

The show is from the producers of The Biggest Loser -- whether that's a positive or a negative, I'll leave that to you. The concept is that Chef Ramsay helps a collection of amateur cooks and foodies transform themselves into master chefs -- one can only assume with a mix of cajoling and caustic humor. It's also described as an "inspirational cooking show," so perhaps, the budding chefistas will be spared the wrath of Ramsay.

As for the casting call, you'll need an application, a current photo of yourself and a plated dish, as well an actual dish the judges can taste. The 12-page application (four of the pages are consent forms) is a delightful collection of questions that makes a major effort to weed out people who are more interested in the reality and television part of the equation than the cooking element. 

So figure out the most life-changing event you've been through, whether you have tattoos and how you would describe your food philosophy. This is likely the most extensive job application you'll ever fill out.

Contestants will apparently have to leave their day job for up to five weeks in February. For more information, e-mail If you can't make it in-person, you can also send in an audition tape and application -- instructions are available here.

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