Milk Men -- a Mad Men parody



Milk Men - A Mad Men Parody

If you yearn to know what it was like back when cold bottles arrived on doorsteps every morning, Milk Men provides a peek inside the routes of the men and women who delivered the dairy.

The trailer -- a clever parody of AMC's Mad Men, which just wrapped up its third season -- covers the intrigue and excitement of door-to-door milk deliveries set in the turbulent and trendy 1960s. The parody is the work of Sidecar Comedy, a sketch and improv group from Brooklyn, New York, whose members are Justin Tyler, Alden Ford and Matt Fisher. 

Milk Men is enjoyable on several levels, not the least of which is watching people in suits down milk like it's fine scotch going out of style. But the true joy likes in watching the Don Draper/Milk Man character wax poetically about what he is trying to sell you:

"I don't want to sell you milk. You pour it on your cereal and then it's gone. This ... this is ... breakfast in bed. It's hot cocoa after an evening spent ice skating. This didn't fall from the udders of a cow, it sprang from the imagination of a child. This isn't milk ... it's ... it's innocence."

Watch it -- it will help you get through this morning.

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