Pepsi with a hint of mouse?


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It sounds like something out of a movie, but a Florida couple is claiming to have found a mouse in their Diet Pepsi.

Amy and Fred Denegri were grilling at their home in Ormond Beach last week when they reportedly found the nasty surprise in the second-to-last can of Diet Pepsi in a 36-pack purchased from Sam's Club. Amy talked to WFTV Orlando about her husband's reaction: 

"He made a face. I was sitting there and he said it tasted awful and something wasn't right."
The couple has filed a report with the Food and Drug Administration. Her husband Fred's statement to a FDA inspector, including the following:

"I shook it a little to try and get it out. It wouldn't come out. I took it in the house and showed it to my wife [sic] when she looked in the can and then tried to pour it out on a plate. I did not go to a doctor. I feel fine."

Pepsi told WFTV that it will cooperate with any investigation and that

a review of the production logs attached to that batch has shown no

foreign objects. 

This story might seem familiar because a mouse in a beverage was a key plot component of the comedy Strange Brew, in which

Bob and Doug McKenzie (actors Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis) try to

get free beer by placing a mouse inside a bottle. When they

complain at the Elsinore Brewery, they are offered jobs on the line

inspecting the bottles for mice.

Who knows if the Denegris have seen the 1983 comedy, but perhaps the Pepsi Bottling Group in Tampa, Florida, might have an opening.

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