Taco Bell is going green!



OK, not really. That's just the premise behind the new Onion Network video that shows just how the fast food chain is doing its part for the planet:

In case you're wondering, Taco Bell doesn't really use gluten filler as the first ingredient in its seasoned beef. Its first ingredient is beef, followed by water and then by the seasonings. For many years there was an urban legend that Taco Bell beef was actually made of soy.

It wasn't believable because, aside from the ridiculousness of an international company trying to pull a switcheroo like that, soy is more expensive than beef.

Many urban legends involving food have made the rounds.

Not once did anyone ever get a free Tootsie Pop for seeing the Indian

chief shooting a star on the wrapper. The rumor has been circulating since the '40s.

That myth and nine others are covered in this piece

about some of the biggest candy myths of all time. Not to ruin them all

for you but turns out chocolate is not caffeinated, green M&M's

aren't aphrodisiacs and there's never been one (not one!) confirmed

instance of a poisoning by Halloween candy.

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