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I received an e-mail from Linda, a reader in Dallas, Texas, who wrote: "I was trying to find something...about Stephenson's Old Apple Farm. I've been going there all my life and we used to go there on our travels at least two or more times a year. Oh, how we miss it. I wondered if they are selling their products anywhere? I want the apple pie spice, the green rice spice..."

Ah yes, the gone, but hard-to-forget Stephenson's Old Apple Farm Restaurant. Two years ago, I wrote about having a nostalgic yearning for Stephenson's Restaurant too and that I had looked in my neighborhood supermarket for Stephenson's brisket seasonings and the store manager telling me that the family was no longer manufacturing its seasoning line.

I did track down a phone number for the old Stephenson's Orchard in Independence -- 816-373-4990 -- which has an answering machine announcing it as "Stephenson's Fruit Market." But even though I called during the business hours mentioned in the recording, I could never get an actual human to answer the phone.

So the question is this: Where can Linda from Dallas find those Stephenson's seasonings? Or can she? 






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