The glory days of Halloween candy





Last year I wrote a Pitch feature on my lifelong love for candy, partly reminiscing on the childhood sugar orgy better known as Halloween. I'm old enough to have trick-or-treated, back when neighbors still gave out shiny red apples as a treat -- before the big razor blade scare of the 1960s made handing out fruit and unwrapped candy dates practically an act of terrorism. I never liked the apples, though, and invariably tossed them out of my bag so I'd have more room for the good stuff. And when I say good stuff, I mean full-sized candy bars and treats, not the stingy "miniatures" of today.

I'm practically swooning from a sugar rush just thinking back on those wonderful Halloween nights, when I dumped out my bag (it was usually a pillowcase, which held more and didn't rip open in damp weather) on the floor of our "TV Room" -- it had a sofa and a television console and almost nothing else.

While I ate my bounty of candy bars, lollipops, Smarties, Necco wafers and wax teeth, I could sit in front of the tube and watch the commercials for the very products I was eating.

Milky Way bars! (Who knew that they were good for me too?)

Tootsie Pops!

And gorgeously chewy Kraft Caramels!

But before I could polish off the whole haul, I'd be ordered into the kitchen for a healthy dinner of Space Food Sticks...


and a Great Shake (just like a soda fountain shake!)... that I wasn't eating, you know, so much sugar.

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