Barcadia on 5th set to open in the old 403 Club space next month



Cole, with Barcadias mascot, Molly.
  • Cole, with Barcadia's mascot, Molly.
Anna Cole was one of the first bartenders at KCK's 403 Club when Artie Scholes opened the Strawberry Hill hangout in 2011. Last month, Scholes packed up and moved the 403 Club a few blocks south, to its new location at 614 Reynolds.

"I live a half-block away, so when Artie's space became available, my first thought was that I didn't want just anybody moving in," Cole says. "Then my next thought was, 'Maybe I should try to put something in there.'"

So next month, Cole - who has tended bar all over town for the last decade, most recently at Gilhouly's and the Green Lady Lounge - plans to open Barcadia on 5th in the space, at 403 N. Fifth Street, in Kansas City, Kansas.

"It'll be a clean, comfortable, neighborhood bar," she says. "Some arcade games, some pinball, darts."

Cole has lived in Strawberry Hill for four years and says she's excited to be a part of the re-emergence of businesses she's seeing in the neighborhood of late. "Honestly, when Artie opened 403, I thought he was crazy," she says. "But now you look around, and there's an arts collective, there's FOKL, a younger couple just bought Chicago's bar, which is nearby. It's great to see."

April 11 is the date Cole is shooting for on the opening. She wanted to do the weekend before, but her band, Anna Cole and the Other Lovers, is playing a show at Middle of the Map.

"I figured it wouldn't be a great idea to be opening my first bar and playing a show on the same night," she says.

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