Watch this wild police chase in KCK yesterday


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Alls well that ends well (sort of).
  • All's well that ends well (sort of).
Yesterday afternoon, a couple of goons led local law enforcement on a semi-high-speed chase throughout the metropolitan area. It ended in KCK, where the driver slammed the car to a halt, jumped out, and sprinted around the neighborhood for a solid minute - at one point impressively climbing what looked to be a fairly challenging fence - before tripping in a parking lot and giving himself up.

That the suspect was lying on the ground with his fists behind his back in the "I give up, just arrest me" pose didn't stop one of the pursuing officers from kneeing him in the side of the face and giving him two quick jabs to the back of the head. Uh, hey, officer: Those choppers following you around? They have TV cameras in them. I know it's a high-intensity situation, but probably not the best time to rough up a dude.

Watch the footage over at KSHB.


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