Police are looking for the drug-addict parents who buried their newborn son in a bucket of concrete after he died of methamphetamine intoxication



Krystal and Matthew Scroggs made several consecutive bad decisions.
  • Krystal and Matthew Scroggs made several consecutive bad decisions.
Well, this is a new one.

In November, police in Pleasant Hill found the body of an infant encased in a bucket of concrete after being called to a home to investigate a stolen car and potential drug activity. Yesterday, the Cass County prosecutor announced second-degree murder charges against the parents of the child. The cause of the death was determined by the Jackson County medical examiner to be "methamphetamine intoxication due to maternal methamphetamine use." According to court documents, the child's mother, Krystal Scroggs, 29, admitted to using meth throughout her pregnancy.

When the child was born, it had trouble breathing - a complication stemming from meth use in the mother. The couple woke one morning shortly after his birth and found the boy dead, at which point the father, Matthew Scroggs, bought a bag of concrete mix and made a bad situation much, much worse.

In addition to second-degree murder, the Scroggs are being charged with several counts of child endangerment as well as one count of abandoning a corpse.

"They failed to get medical care for that child when the infant was born," said Cass County prosecutor Teresa Hensley, at a news conference. "It is under that failing to get medical care the child that they know or had reason to believe there was methamphetamine in its system is what the murder charge is based on."

The Scroggs are currently at large. Anyone with information regarding their whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Pleasant Hill Police Department at 816-540-9109.


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