The family-values crowd is suing Gov. Jay Nixon over his executive order allowing married gay couples to file tax returns in Missouri



The fight against the inevitable rages on.
  • The fight against the inevitable rages on.
Back in November, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced that, by his executive order, the State of Missouri would begin accepting tax returns filed by gay couples who have married in other states. It's a strong step for the state, though nothing earth-shattering, given that the majority of Americans support gay marriage and 17 other states allow it. But this is MIssouri, which means that opportunists like Nick Marshall, a state rep. from Platte County, have threatened to impeach Nixon for his decision. And yesterday, a group of "family-values" types filed a suit against Nixon over it.

The plaintiffs are alleging that Nixon is trying to "thwart the will of the people of Missouri," who voted in 2004 for Amendment 2, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

Mike Whitehead, a Kansas City attorney representing the plaintiffs, said in a press release, "The governor took an oath to uphold the Missouri Constitution, which includes our marriage definition. When he issued this order, he said he hoped the people of Missouri would take another look at recognizing same-sex 'marriage.' That is putting his thumb on the scales of justice. His job is to enforce the constitution as it is, not as he wishes it to be.

"If the governor wants to launch a campaign to repeal this section of our state Bill of Rights, he is welcome to try. But for now, the people of Missouri have spoken, with landslide clarity. Until the people speak otherwise, the governor should respect the rule of law and respect Missouri voters."

So you see, this suit isn't about gay people at all - it's about upholding the constitution and the rule of law in Missouri. That's the only thing the plaintiffs - who represent the Missouri Family Network, the Christian Life Commission of the Missouri Baptist Convention, and the Missouri Family Policy Council - are concerned about here. First they heard about a possible violation of the Missouri Constitution (note: according to the Attorney General's office, Nixon's executive order is not a violation of the Missouri Constitution), and they were so doggone mad. It wasn't until later that they even heard about the gay thing. This lawsuit is definitely not about old, irrelevant, dying people not liking gays, how could you even think that?


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