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: Tricia Johnson

Occupation: Mother of two preschoolers and creator of Show Me KC Schools, an online resource to help Kansas City parents find the right school for their children.

Hometown: Glendora, California

Current neighborhood: Armour Hills

What I do (in 140 characters): In addition to combing pigtails, I'm gathering data about KC schools - KCPS, charter, private and parochial - and sharing it on an informative website for fellow KC parents.

What's your addiction? Costco samples

What's your game? Scattergories, Taboo, charades. I love game nights.

What's your drink? Gin and tonic

Where's dinner? Pizza 51

What's on your KC postcard? City Market on a Saturday morning

Finish this sentence: "Kansas City got it right when ... " The Kansas City Public Library developed great public programming - from Sandra Day O'Connor to Mr. Stinky Feet.

"Kansas City screwed up when ... " It created a public-school system in which 15 school districts serve Kansas City, Missouri.

"Kansas City needs ... " A great children's museum, preferably downtown.

"I always laugh at ... " The Onion

"I've been known to binge-watch ... " HGTV. I turn on the TV intending to watch something educational but am somehow hypnotized by bathroom makeovers and refinished basements.

"I can't stop listening to ... " Archived episodes of This American Life. From stories about psychopaths to poultry, I'm hooked! I fear the day when I've listened to all 500 episodes.

"I just read ... " Clifford's Thanksgiving Day Visit ... 11 times.

The best advice I ever got: Move to Kansas City - no ocean, no mountains, but no better place to raise a family.

Worst advice: You should sing "ABC" by the Jackson 5 in the talent show ... solo.

My sidekick: My husband and two daughters - as long as no one is in timeout.

My dating triumph/tragedy: I was at a wedding, enjoying the red wine and slow dancing with a guy I really liked. I gazed into his eyes, shared my buried feelings of affection, and then I called him "Sean." But his name wasn't Sean. Fortunately, he got over it, and we've been married for nine years.

My brush with fame: Brush with infamy, really. In Zimbabwe, we lived across the street from the dictator, Robert Mugabe. I had a run-in with his security guards, who harassed me about loitering in front of the presidential compound. Really, I was just walking home to my apartment.

My 140-character soapbox: Too many residents reluctantly leave KC, citing "schools" as their reason for departing. To build and expand great schools in our neighborhoods, I believe we need to stay and invest in our community.

What was the last thing you had to apologize for? Using the GPS to second-guess my husband's navigation skills in Kansas City. (He would like me to note that he is a native and he knows where he is going.)

Who's sorry now? My self-navigating husband, who thought he knew a scenic back road to Weston. But he didn't.

My recent triumph: In October, I set a personal best in the 2013 KC half marathon.

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