Cupcakes are officially over



Cupcakes out. Ice-cream sandwiches in. - FLICKR/LAMANTIN
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  • Cupcakes out. Ice-cream sandwiches in.

Sorry cupcake fans, but it was inevitable. The heavily iced cake-let known as the cupcake is so last year. (We suspected this was coming in 2009.)

That's the view of the restaurant industry's best-read trade publication, Nation's Restaurant News, which published a story this week titled, "Hot Restaurant Trends for 2014."

Nation's Restaurant News quoted Andrew Freeman, chief executive of San Francisco-based hospitality consulting firm Andrew Freeman & Co., from his latest trend-prediction webinar. Freeman's predictions, listed in an article by Bret Thorn, include "hotel lobbies doubling as living rooms, croissants doubling as doughnuts, and vegetables doubling as dessert ingredients."

Also on the trend list: Cupcakes are over, doughnuts are trending now, and ice-cream sandwiches are on the cutting edge. Also listed as being over as a trend: craft cocktails and croissants. Biscuits, according to Freeman, are on the horizon, poised to replace the current bread trend, pretzel buns.

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