Maryville roundup: Daisy in xoJane; Barnett's mother says he's the real victim; secret recordings from Melinda Coleman



Daisy Coleman speaks up.
  • Daisy Coleman speaks up.
Nodaway County prosecutor Robert Rice has agreed to appoint a special prosecutor to re-examine the alleged January 2012 rapes of Daisy Coleman and Paige Parkhurst, which means the media firestorm over the Maryville case is unlikely to flame out anytime soon.

A couple of notable developments for those following along:

Today, Daisy Coleman took to to blog her account of the evening in question. Not much new information if you've read the Star story, unless you count hyperlinks to other xoJane articles.

The mother of Matthew Barnett tells the Daily Mail that her son is the real victim in all of this. Barnett's father says his son is being "assassinated."

And the Star has obtained some "secret recordings" from Daisy's mother, Melinda Coleman, that might "confirm her claims that she cooperated with authorities through the time when felony charges were dropped."

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