Prepare yourself: Haim is coming to the Granada on Thursday


  • Photo courtesy of Big Hassle

Everyone is freaking out about Haim right now, before they're even sure how to pronounce the name. For the record, you say HIGH-em. The band is led by three sisters, and they're Jewish, and it's their last name, OK?

Anyway, Haim just popped out a new album called Days Are Gone, and it's a delightful collection of '80s-inspired synth-pop beats that blatantly recall the best ballads of Phil Collins while being coated in enough lighthearted sugar to make your teeth hurt.

Este, Danielle and Alana Haim - who began their foray into music as children with their parents, in a Partidge Family - style jam band Rockinhaim - are about as entertaining as this kind of thing gets. If this show at the Granada doesn't feature at least one smoke machine, I'll be so disappointed.

Haim is coming to the Granada on Thursday, October 10. Ticket info here

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