Marina Shifrin, Mizzou grad, quits job with dancing video


Marina Shifrin is a good dancer. - MARINA SHIFRIN'S TWITTER
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  • Marina Shifrin is a good dancer.
This is Marina Shifrin. She quit her job at Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animator that makes those crazy, funny (and oftentimes disturbing) videos, with a video of her own. The video has gone viral because who doesn't love watching someone quit a job while dancing to Kanye West's "Gone." (Watch her impressive dancing after the jump.)

Shifrin, a University of Missouri-Columbia grad, explains in a blog post titled "Journalism is dead (to me)" that she's tired of how journalism has become about clicks over quality. 

"I am not saying that all journalism is bad," she wrote. "I am saying that most popular 'journalism' is bad. You can't blame the writers, though, we're scared into it. We're the ones writing the stories about the poor job market, we're the ones sitting in classes that have adopted the motto, 'Journalism is dead.' That's why when we find a job that remotely carries even just the slightest essence of journalism we gently bend at the waist, place our elbows upon our desk and let the Clicks have their way with our posterior."

And so, she writes, she's making way for other journalists, ones willing to give up their relationships and social lives for a job. Best of luck to her on her next adventure. Hopefully, she posts a video of her happy dancing when she finds her next job.

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