Strippers at Arrowhead: Do you care?


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  • Chrome parked this truck in Arrowhead's lot.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0 heading into Thursday night's showdown with coach Andy Reid's old team, the Philadelphia Eagles. But the talk on at least one TV news website this morning isn't about what happened on the field, but who was in the parking lot. A few fully clothed exotic dancers paid a visit to Arrowhead Stadium's parking lots. And they brought a billboard truck. Pretty tame stuff and no big deal, right?  

Eh, not so much. Angela Lukenbill and her fiancé, Chad Smith, weren't happy. They stayed home with their two kids because, as Lukenbill told KSHB Channel 41, "Having strippers around family events is wrong. There are places set up for them and that's where they need to be."

I guess it depends on your definition of family friendly. Does trying to make a family in Arrowhead's parking lot count? Try all you want, but you can't keep fans from coming to tailgate. Ew.  

Do strippers in the parking lot bother you?

Strippers in the parking lot wasn't the only not-so-family-friendly occurrence at Arrowhead this weekend. KMBC Channel 9 posted this video of police using a Taser and arresting a fan, who they allege kicked a police officer in the junk. The unidentified fan (in a Dexter McCluster jersey?) is looking at charges for assault on a law -enforcement officer. 

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