Help save the I-70 and Midway drive-ins



Drive-ins are facing a looming digital threat.
  • Drive-ins are facing a looming digital threat.
Starting next year, Hollywood studios will cease producing 35 mm film prints and convert completely to digital projection. Unless you're a film geek or you work in or serve the movie industry, this won't change the moviegoing experience a tremendous amount. But as we noted earlier this month, it's going to be a rough go for drive-in theaters, for whom it is especially expensive to make the digital transition. As a local example, the estimated cost to upgrade the projector at Midway Drive-In is $100,000. That's a prohibitive enough figure to put a lot of drive-ins out of business.

To help correct this unfortunate new reality, Honda recently launched Project Drive-In. A total of 81 drive-ins across the country are currently competing to win new projectors from the company, and two local theaters - the Midway and I-70 drive-ins - are in the running. Originally, there were only five projectors up for grabs, but Honda just announced that it has bought nine projectors, which means better odds that either of those drive-ins could nab itself a fancy new projector and ensure its existence for a while. If you want to help out, all you have to do is go to the Honda site and vote before the contest ends on September 23. It takes about six seconds. Do it here.

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