Shatto Blueberry Milk is berry low-key



Look for the blue cap.
  • Look for the blue cap.
Shatto's Blueberry Milk, the fifth of five specialty releases this year in honor of the Osborn, Missouri dairy's tenth anniversary, is best enjoyed with the nose first. It's milk with the essence of blueberry, almost as if it was perfumed with the fruit. The effect is akin to smelling lavender in a bar of Zum soap. Perhaps this is because true full-fledged blueberry is simply too much for our simple human palates.

Shatto will have bottles at its stand at the Overland Park Farmers Market on Saturday and it's also currently available in stores that regularly stock its products. The previous special release flavors were chocolate cherry, mint chocolate, cookies and cream and apple pie. If you've had a chance a try any of them, which do you think should stick around past this year?

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