Kansas City Museum Advisory Board members concerned about getting sued




The Kansas City Museum Advisory Board is having friction not only with Union Station but also from within the mayoral-appointed board itself.

Kansas City Attorney William Geary wrote an August 8 letter to KCMAB chairwoman Martha Lally to explain to her what kind of legal protection the city offers its board members. The letter, Geary wrote, was in response to correspondence he received from Lally that expressed concern that members of the KCMAB might get sued by Union Station or "others, such as Councilman (Jim) Glover."

A footnote in Geary's letter explained the situation further: "Councilman Glover has been a vocal critic of the Board during its recent meetings, and has suggested that violations of the law have been committed, such as an alleged breach of the Sunshine Law. You have expressed concerns about risks Board members may run because of the contentious environment USKC (Union Station Kansas City, Inc.) and Advisory Board issues."

That implication infuriated Glover when he read the footnote at an August 12 meeting of the Kansas City Museum Advisory Board, a board where Glover has an automatic seat because his council district covers the city's historic Northeast neighborhood where Corinthian Hall houses the Kansas City Museum. Glover loudly told Lally that the letter misrepresented his position.

"I'm offended by it," Glover said before being told by Lally that there was no reason to raise his voice.

Glover had protested a vote taken at an earlier KCMAB meeting by way of an online survey tool that hadn't been announced publicly beforehand, as required by state law.

That vote, which led to Lally's sending Kansas City Mayor Sly James a letter suggesting that a foundation separate from Union Station manage the Kansas City Museum, was invalidated and has to be retaken some time in the future.

Given the seemingly fractured nature of the KCMAB, the actual discussion of that vote whenever it takes place may be a contentious one.

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