Royals Fountain Lady speaks: 'I was drunk, what do you think happened?'



Royals Fountain Lady is officially Internet famous.
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  • Royals Fountain Lady is officially Internet famous.

Update: Royals Fountain Lady has been identified as Jessica McCoy, 25, of Des Moines.

The Internet loves Royals Fountain Lady! More websites are looking into the woman who splashed around in the outfield fountains at Kauffman Stadium during last night's win over the Twins, and information is leaking out. The Kansas City Police Department has posted the young woman's mug shot on Twitter. And more video has surfaced of her water romp.

FOX 4 reporter Brad Underwood asked Royals Fountain Lady a few questions as she was released from jail this morning. She wasn't really in the mood for chatting, though, as you might imagine.

"What happened last night?" Underwood asks. Fountain Lady's perfect reply: "I was drunk, what do you think happened?" That's so Royals Fountain Lady! She also mentions that her memory of the aquatic spectacular was hazy. But she can relive it forever through onlookers' footage (more video after the jump).

This footage shows Fountain Lady prancing around the fountains a little more clearly than a previous video. McCoy is reportedly facing charges of trespassing, resisting arrest (presumably for the mad dash she made away from officers as she left the water), and soliciting a police officer. The soliciting charge makes it appear that something happened well after her swim.

We have an e-mail out to the KCPD requesting the police report, which will hopefully explain the soliciting charge. If you know anything more about Royals Fountain Lady or her trip to the K last night, get in touch.

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