Daryl Lemasters, former Scout leader, gets 180 years in prison for child sex crimes


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Lemasters will likely spend his life in prison
  • Platte County Prosecutor
  • Lemasters will likely spend his life in prison.

Daryl Lemasters, a Platte City businessman who spent 10 years as a Cub Scout leader, received the maximum sentence of 180 years in state prison after a jury convicted him of sex abuse against minors.

Lemasters ran Copy Masters in Platte City and led Cub Scout Troop 1028. That all came to a halt when two girls, ages 9 and 11 at the time, reported to authorities that Lemasters touched them inappropriately and videotaped them naked at various times over a four-year period.

A subsequent investigation found evidence, such as videotapes, that confirmed their allegations.

Platte County prosecutors brought six charges against Lemasters in 2011, and he was convicted in June.

A Platte County jury recommended the full 30 years for each charge.

Platte County Judge Owens Hull agreed with that recommendation and ordered each sentence to run consecutively, giving Lemasters, 55, no prospect of freedom before he dies, short of an appeal.

"This defendant was a prominent businessman and community volunteer, but he had a dark side that few around him saw," says Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd in a written statement. "Sadly, these two girls endured years of his evil acts, and we can only pray that they will overcome the terrible emotional and physical trauma they suffered."


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