Kansas City, Missouri, City Council kicks can down the road on $12 million Water Services Department contract



Marcason wants a fuller discussion on a $12 million no-bid contract
  • Marcason wants a fuller discussion on a $12 million no-bid contract.

Civic-minded Kansas City residents with an interest in how their tax dollars are spent by City Hall should mark August 15 on their calendars. That's when the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council will hold a business session to discuss a $12 million no-bid contract with a Chicago company to help the beleaguered Water Services Department with its customer-service problems.

The ordinance was up for a vote before the Kansas City Finance, Governance and Ethics Committee on Wednesday, but committee chairwoman Jan Marcason delayed the vote and the discussion about it.

"We do want a fuller discussion about this ordinance and contract and why sole sourcing was recommended," Marcason said.

The city is allowed to offer contracts without a bid in cases where it thinks that a vendor does such a specialized type of work that no one else could do it. However, the $12 million figure and the type of work Chicago-based West Monroe Partners LLC would provide have raised questions about why this contract did not go through the bidding process.

That August 15 meeting may shed some light on those questions.

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