Metuka, the Pastry House is a sweet addition to 39th Street



Ellen Hume is baking cakes, cookies and fruit tarts in her new shop, Metuka, on 39th Street.
  • Ellen Hume is baking cakes, cookies and fruit tarts in her new shop, Metuka, on 39th Street.

Five years ago, The Pitch named the comfortable little coffeehouse and bake shop JayWaLe's Bakery-Bistro , in Kansas City, Kansas, as the best bakery in the metro. Last month, the former owner (and pastry chef) of JayWaLe's Bakery, Ellen Hume, opened a new pastry store at 1614 West 39th Street. She calls the new business Metuka, the Pastry House.

"Metuka means sweet or sweetie in Israel," said Hume, who was born in Brazil but lived in Israel for several years. "If you like someone, you tell them, 'You're a metuka."

If you like someone, you take them to Metuka, a tiny storefront formerly occupied by a smoke shop, Havana Moon. The cigars are gone, replaced by tres leches cake and cups of tiramisu in shiny glass display cases.

Most of the furnishings and refrigerated cases in the storefront came with Hume when she moved from her Kansas City, Kansas, location: "When I sold the business, which is still a bakery called JayWaLe," she said. "The new owner didn't want my things."

Unlike JayWaLe's Bakery (a name Hume devised by combining the letters of her daughter Jacy, her son Wagner and her grandson Leonardo), Hume is not serving lunches at her new bakery. In fact, there's only one table in the space.

Hume said she makes her pastries in small batches, so she sells out of some things (the chocolate-draped eclairs, the wedding-cake cookies, the pistachio-topped sugar cookies) quickly. "But if I don't have some things in the shop one day, I'll have them again the next day."

Metuka, the Pastry House is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from noon to 7 p.m. Sunday. The shop is closed on Saturdays.

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