Speedy Ortiz is at Czar tonight


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Speedy Ortiz.
  • Speedy Ortiz.
Nabbing a "Best New Music" from Pitchfork is arguably not the winning Powerball ticket it once was, but it still gets bands the kind of cred-boosting recognition for which most would prostitute themselves. If you put stock in Pitchfork opinions, it may be of interest to you that Speedy Ortiz - a Massachusetts-based Pavement-y indie-rock group with some literary flair and a female singer - was last week BNM'd for its new album, Major Arcana. Right about now, the booking agents and other music-industry vultures are swooping in, and on Speedy Ortiz' next tour, the group will be playing bigger venues. But because they booked their current tour pre-BNM, you can catch them at little old Czar tonight. Locals Schwervon and Lazy open. Five bucks.


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