Zimmerman verdict doesn't set off Kansas City troubles



Chief Forte didnt have to deal with any post-verdict trouble this weekend
  • Chief Forte didn't have to deal with any post-verdict trouble this weekend

Authorities in Kansas City said the city emerged from the weekend unscathed. No rioting followed the shaky moments after a Florida jury turned away murder and manslaughter charges against George Zimmerman.

Kansas City Police Department Chief Darryl Forte said on Twitter Sunday that the police department had received no calls for service Saturday night after the jury returned its verdict.

"Calm in KC as well as in other cities," Forte tweeted. "The community support is appreciated!"

Pre-verdict media stories stoked fears that communities would respond with violence if the verdict went Zimmerman's way.

Saturday night, that's what happened in Sanford, Florida, where a six-woman jury, after 16 hours of assessing the evidence, decided not to put Zimmerman behind bars for his role in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Prosecutors alleged that Zimmerman cased and stalked Martin, who carrying was a bag of candy and a bottle of iced tea at the time through a Florida neighborhood, before triggering an altercation that led to Zimmerman shooting the minor.

Zimmerman's defense team said the shooting was done in self-defense.

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