Shatto's Apple Pie Milk is crusty in a kinda good way



Apple Pie milk can still be found on the shelves.
  • Apple Pie milk can still be found on the shelves.
Supermarket cashiers are perhaps the last great bastion of food tasters. While they won't insult your purchases, most will give you an honest take on the food coming down the conveyor belt if you're willing to ask. So, yesterday, I asked for my cashier's take on Shatto's Apple Pie Milk - the fourth of five limited releases from the Osborn, Missouri, dairy, to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

"It's like the milk at the bottom bowl of a good cereal," he said. When pressed, he suggested that cereal could be Apple Jacks. "I don't know. It's a bit more sugary than apple, as if they tried to get the crust inside too," he added.

The milk is no doubt sweet and surprisingly, despite being a liquid, there is this echo of pie crust that follows each drink. That crust phantom is the most intriguing thing about the bottle and what will have you coming back for another sip as you try to place the flavor. I wanted more cinnamon and a bit of vanilla, which might be remedied by picking up some vanilla creme ice cream at Murray's in Westport, adding a dash of cinnamon and then turning the milk into a high-end milkshake.

If you've snagged a bottle, what did you think?

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